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Dear guests, we ask that you respect the instructions in the operating rules of the house and we believe that the limitations will meet with your understanding. They are created so that we can provide good accommodation for all guests. 

On arrival the guest present a valid identity document.

At the beginning of the accommodation takes the guest room without defects, any defect must without delay.

If there is damage to rooms and other facilities house negligently or intentionally, the guest is obliged to replace the damage.

Guests without the consent of the owner of the pension move equipment to make any adjustments and any changes to the electrical network or any other installation.

The guest is obliged to maintain order and cleanliness both in house and in the surrounding region.

For safety reasons, not the guest to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision in the room or the garden.

At the time of the 22hod 7.00hod guest is obliged to observe the silence of the night.

Reservation is valid until 18 hours unless otherwise agreed order.

Guests who stayed before six o'clock in the morning will pay the entire price of the previous night.

Guests must leave the accommodation at the end of the room 10 AM. During this time he exceeded will be charged the next day commenced, unless otherwise agreed.

If a guest asks for an extension of accommodation, he may be offered a different room than the one in which it was originally housed.

The guest is obliged to leave the room, close the water taps on and off in the room and its accessories lights, close the door and hand over the key at the reception or in the mailbox key.

The accommodation part of the house is strictly no smoking. 5000 CZK

Failure to comply with operating rules is the owner entitled to cancel the guest accommodation, with the guest pay services rendered.

We wish you a pleasant and tranquil stay in our house!